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33"W x 5'L Slider Pan Belt Conveyor (Intelliroll)

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Price: $1,450.00 each

33"W x 5'L Slider Pan Belt Conveyor (Intelliroll)


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Manufacturer: Interoll
Conveyor Type: Slider Pan
Nominal width: 30" 
Length: 5 lin ft. with end assemblies
Belt Width: 28"
Between Frame: 30"
Frame Depth: 4.75"
Bed: Extruded Aluminum 4.75" high profile with folded aluminum or steel pan insert.
Center Drive: Underslung ; 5.125" dia. lagged drive pulley. with a 2-7/16" diameter shaft stepped down to 1-7/16".  Internal Belt Take-Up with 14" of manual screw take-up .
Motor: Unknown HP
Speed: Unknown
Belt: 2-layer black polyester fabric with PVC coating; rough top
End Pulleys: 3" diameter pulley
Supports: (4) Channel Pedestal-type w/ adjustable jack screws; adjustable from 17" to 20" t.o.b.
Guard Rail:  none included 


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