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Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor

  • Over 9,000 Linear Feet of BDLR Conveyor
  • Siemens, Ermanco, Hytrol, FKI, and Other Brands
  • Widths Ranging from 18" to 72"
  • Choices Include; Merge, Flat, Narrow, Round and V-Belt
  • 30°, 45°, 90°, 135° and 180° Curves
  • Lengths from 2' to 100'

Belt driven live roller (BDLR) conveyors are an excellent method of conveying materials of various sizes and weights. Essentially, a BDLR is a gravity roller conveyor powered by a belt. Products are allowed to accumulate on the rollers while the belt continues to run due to the friction created by the belt. Unlike other conveyors that run on a belt, BDLRs are best suited for flat surfaces (as opposed to incline or decline surfaces). With that in mind, BDLR is a versatile option for conveying. Click one of the options below to see our selection, or request a quote by clicking the button below. 


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