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Used Curved Conveyors

Nathan A - Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Curved conveyors can be operated through Powered or Gravity systems. They

make use of rollers, skate wheels, as well as belted conveyors. These conveyor systems

allow for flexibility of motion through any operation as they are not confined to simply

following a straight path.


            Not only will a curved conveyor allow for more flexibility of motion, but they can

also help save space in a warehouse because of their design. Instead of needing to think

of multiples ways to get around any obstacles with a linear conveyor, curved conveyors

are able to maneuver around almost any structure or obstacle to seamlessly continue

mobility. This in turn translates to using less space, as well as needing less conveyors to 

get one job done. In the long run, this means reducing costs.


Because curved conveyors are available as either powered or gravity, there is a good 

amount of conveyor parts available. If you are looking into purchasing a curved conveyor, 

please visit our catalog today. If you have any questions, or perhaps don't see what you're

looking for within the catalog, feel free to give us a call as we carry many items which are

not listed in the catalog. We would be happy to hear from you!

Skate Wheel Conveyors

Nathan A - Thursday, October 30, 2014

When it comes to the use of Gravity Conveyors, there are many options to

choose from. One of the best options available is the Skate Wheel Conveyor

system. This system, as opposed to cylinder roller conveyors, moves materials

through the use of small wheels which look similar to skate wheels.

One of the many advantages to using a Skate Wheel system is that it requires

less of a downward slope when conveying materials downhill. This is possible

because of how easily the wheels can turn and how much less force is needed to 

begin mobility as opposed to traditional roller conveyors. This also brings in the 

advantage of Skate Wheel conveyors being able to move light-weight and even 

empty cartons quickly and easily. Because of this ease of motion, you can be sure

that Skate Wheel conveyors will reliably maintain a steady speed. One final advantage

the Skate Wheel conveyor possesses is it's ease of mobility for curved sections due

to it's natural differential action.

Something that should be considered when using Skate Wheel conveyors is that

it should mainly be used for smooth, solid and flat surfaced materials, as irregular

or uneven bottoms would not run smoothly on it due to the conveyors design.

To add to that, Skate Wheel conveyors are primarily used for light-weight

materials and so it is recommended that you do not run any heavy-duty materials

on the conveyor. Excess Equip has many options for Skate Wheel conveyors

available in our catalog. If you need to find one that can meet your requirements 

while also saving you on costs, please visit our catalog today and get in

touch with us. We would be happy to help!

Used Belted Conveyors

Nathan A - Monday, October 20, 2014

Belt conveyors are a simple, time tested technology that can serve a variety

of purposes. One of the many advantages to using a belt conveyor is that it can

either be smooth for sliding materials along the conveyors easily, or ribbed for

ensuring materials stay put whenever they go on an incline or decline.

By being powered, you are given more control as to what speed you would

like your materials to go. Using belted conveyors is also usually a more affordable

option than using powered roller conveyors. The only take back is that belted

conveyors are traditionally not as handy for accumulation needs that a roller

conveyor system could offer. With that said, belted conveyors take less horsepower 

to run than most powered conveyors, and can reliably transport bulk materials in

sizable portions.

Our catalog features a wide range of used belted conveyors for sale. We would 

encourage you to give it a look. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please

feel free to contact us, as we carry some conveyors that are not listed on our site, and

we can see if we have exactly what you're looking for!

PLC Components

Nathan A - Thursday, October 16, 2014

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) are imperative for running a

smooth and steady workflow operation. These are solid-state devices designed

to perform logical decision making for control applications, and can signifcantly

help in factory assembly lines.

PLC's are comprised of a few components, which include the processor, 

the power supply, and the input/output (I/O) section. The I/O section of the

controls the electrical noise that carries into the PLC. Since the CPU of a PLC's

internal circuit operates at very low voltage levels, it's important to ensure that

spikes in electrical noise do not interfere with it. If it were to occur, there would

be serious repercussions. For this reason, I/O sections are essential in any PLC

and protect the PLC so that there is no interruption or shutdown of the


Excess Equip has numerous I/O components for Programmable Logic 

Controllers. If you need to find one that can meet your requirements 

while also saving you on costs, please visit our catalog today and get in

touch with us. We would be happy to help!

Guarding and Protection

Nathan A - Monday, October 13, 2014

When it comes to material handling and conveyor systems safety should

be first priority. There are many measures that can be made when keeping

safety in mind to ensure that both workers and the materials stay away from

harm. One of the simplest and most beneficial ways of ensuring the safety of

products and workers is through the use of conveyor guard rails.

Of the many benefits associated with installing guard rails, the two biggest

are: 1. Ensuring that no materials stray off the conveyor belt and stay

in tact. 2. Lessening the risk of clothes getting caught inside a conveyor. The

risks associated with not using guardrails can have great costs. It is because

of this that it is within the interest of every party involved that proper 

guarding and protection is implemented within your conveyor system.

Excess Equip offers high quality used guarding equipment to help ensure

the safety of any product or person in a warehouse. You will also find that

on top of saving money in the long run by implementing proper safety 

equipment in your warehouse, you will save money in the short term by 

buying from us. Visit our catalog today and give us a call. We would be happy

to help!

Roller Conveyors

Nathan A - Thursday, October 09, 2014

Roller conveyors can be defined as having small metal tubes which

are placed next to each other and rotated usually by a mechanism underneath.

Roller conveyors are considered flexible and can transport materials around 

curves, up inclines and down declines.

One of the biggest strengths to roller conveyors is how quickly and

efficiently they can transport materials without much risk for a backup to

occur. Another big advantage to having a roller conveyor is that it takes little

power to operate (and if you're using gravity conveyors, none), and it also allows

for easy side loading along its route.

One of the main disadvantages to roller conveyors however is that

vertical transportation is very limited. If you're looking for transportation

that primarily goes horizontally however, roller conveyors are a perfect choice.

View our catalog of roller conveyors today and give us a call so we can

make the best fit for you!

Sortation Systems

Nathan A - Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Sorting Materials on the Go

Sortation Systems are a good way to keep track of your materials. 

These systems are designed for both high and low volume order sizes and 

promotes accuracy and efficiency. Some other benefits of using a sortation 

system includes increased productivity, labor savings, cost reduction and vastly

improved customer satisfaction. Sortation systems can include:

  • - Narrow-Belt Sorters
  • - Shoe Sorters
  • - Pop-up Wheel Sorters
  • - Linear Belt Sorters

Excess Equip offers sorters in each of these categories. 

Some of the brands we carry include:

  • - Daifuku
  • - Siemens
  • - Ermanco
  • - Rapistan
  • - Hytrol
Check out our selection and contact us today. We would be happy
to find the best solution for your material handling needs!

Using Powered Conveyors

Nathan A - Friday, October 03, 2014

The Possibilities

If you would like the option of using conveyors that use more power, 

the next choice would be using Powered Conveyors. Unlike Gravity 

Conveyors, you obviously need to consider how much electricity it would 

cost to run a system. Also unlike Gravity Conveyors however, you have 

a lot more options in how your materials will move along the conveyor.

You have the option of having products flow downhill (decline), 

uphill (incline) and level. The added benefit is that you have a lot more 

control over the speed of movement, as well as product spacing. This can 

keep the user at ease knowing that their materials are moving exactly as they 

would like them too. Some possible applications for using 

Powered Conveyors include:

- Transporting

- Assembly

- Sorting

- Staging

- Kitting

- Accumulating

The kinds of Powered Conveyors available include:

- Belt on Roller

- Gapping Belt

- Slider Pan

- Flat Belt Driven (Roller)

- Narrow Belt Driven (Roller)

- Round Belt Driven (Roller)

- V-Belt Driven (Roller)

- Chain Driven

- DC Roller 

- Lineshaft

- Padded Chain

The range of use and the types of systems available for 

Powered Conveyors can be intimidating, but do not be discouraged! 

Excess Equip has the expertise to provide you with just what you need. 

Feel free to contact us today and provide us with your material handling needs. 

We'd be happy to assist you!

Using Gravity Conveyors

Nathan A - Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gravity conveyors require no power and are used in manual 

applications to help efficiently move various types of product. 

They can also be set up in a gradual pitch allowing gravity to

move the product from high to a lower elevation or manually pushed 

from one station to the next. One of the most beneficial reasons for 

using a Gravity Conveyor is the reduce in costs it can give. By using

a cost-free method of power (gravity itself!), it is unnecessary to use 

any electricity at all.

You might wonder how controllable such a method of power is 

for handling your materials. The good news is that speed can indeed

be controlled through specially designed breaks within the conveyor system. 

The movement of Gravity conveyors can be both horizontal (with a slight 

downward angle) and vertical.

Gravity conveyors are also greatly flexible in the weight of packages 

they can carry. While flat-bottomed packages are ideal for this type of conveyor, 

the product weight usable for gravity conveyors can range from 10kg-1000kg (22lbs-2200lbs). 

Excess Equip has a wide selection of gravity conveyors to choose from. Contact us 

today and we would be happy in finding the best conveyor to suit your needs!

Benefits of Buying Used Conveyors

Nathan A - Friday, September 19, 2014

Used or New? Which Way to Go?
It can be hard choosing the kind of conveyor you may need 
for your warehouse or material handling project. It should be no surprise 
which option we would choose (we are a used conveyor store after all!), 
but you might be wondering why? Here are a couple reasons...
Negligible Impact on Quality
While buying new conveyor systems and/or parts might be 
more appealing than buying used, the difference in quality is oftentimes 
negligible. The performance reliability of used conveyor systems 
oftentimes make very little difference when compared to new conveyor systems. 
Obviously, not every used conveyor will be as high of quality as the new conveyors.
 You certainly would want to ensure that what you are buying is more than
 enough to get the job done. With this in mind, Excess Equip is dedicated 
to finding the best quality used conveyors to offer exceptional performance 
for any material handling need. We are  a top rated used conveyor reseller 
that installs and provides turnkey solutions for small businesses and 
Fortune 500 firms in the United States and across North America. 
We sell a variety of well known and trusted brand names such as 
FKI Logistex, TGW-Ermanco, Diafuku, Hytrol and others.
You Save Money

The best part with purchasing used conveyor parts is that 

is the most affordable option by a landslide; it can reduce costs by 50-80%. 

Imagine how much money you could save by stocking up on all of the 

parts you need at a much lower rate than spending 50-80% more than 

you have to! It is also easy to accomplish when you have a wide variety 

of parts to choose from. If you are still having doubts or concerns, 

that is understandable. It is best to inform yourself on anything you 

need to know regarding a conveyor selection. With that said, please 

feel free to give our inventory catalog a visit and contact us. We would 

be more than happy to help you make the best decision! 

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