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24"W x 30'L (NBLR) Flat Belt APC Accumulation Conveyor (Siemens)

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Price: $2,500.00 each

24"W x 30'L (NBLR) Flat Belt APC Accumulation Conveyor (Siemens)


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Brand: Siemens
Color: Green
Conveyor Type: BDLR Flat Belt APC
Total Length: 30' (24.25" Drive w/18.25" Beds)
Overall Width: 24.5" Drive Bed and 18" Intermediate beds
Between Frame: 22"
Roller Centers: 3"
Roller Diameter: 1.9"
Bed Sections: 
(1) 24.25"W x 12'L Drive Bed
(1) 18.75"W x 12'L Intermediate Bed
(1) 18.75"W x 6'L Intermediate Bed
Accumulation: Yes (36" Zones)
Motor: 1HP
Speed: 140fpm
Notes: Does not include E-Stop, plastic guard, leg sets, or side guide

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